Friday, March 23, 2018

How to Host a Massage Party

Living in the world of the internet makes it easy to stay in touch with friends. But are you really in touch with them? You may know all their news and all that’s happening in their lives, thanks to social media. But does that really replace spending quality time with people you care about? Isn’t something lost in the friendship if you do not actually do things together, instead of just talking about it online? Isn’t it time to rectify this situation and re-establish friendships in the real meaning of the word? If you agree, then a party is a great way to make a start. It shouldn’tbe too big, just a few people you are really close to and who are comfortable with one another. The tricky part is to find the oneactivity that will appeal to everyone while at the same time make them feel at ease so that cementing the bonds of friendship really works. So why not try a massage party?

What is a Massage Party?

A party is, by definition, a gathering of people for the purpose of pleasure. Organizing something that your friends will really enjoy is a great way to show them how much they mean to you. Ideally, the core of the party should be an activity that everyone wants to be part of. Finding that common interest or source of pleasure is not easy. People are so different that what appeals to one may not to another. However, everyone enjoys a good massage.

A massage party does not have to be a standalone event. You can combine it with another happening to create something really different. What about a massage hen party? Or a mothers’ group massage party? A baby shower massage party will also be fun. If you have a teenager, she and her friends will love an afternoon massage party. Or it could be a “just for the heck of it” massage party!

Interestingly, a massage party is not as expensive as you may think. Massage spas know that giving a group of friends a great massage experience is an effective way to demonstrate how good they are, the benefits of massage, and thereby build loyalty that will lead to regular clients and a wider customer base.

Do it the Right Way

The party is for people you care about. Do not try shortcuts. The massage is the key to making yours a party your guests will not forget. For this, there must be professional massage therapists present to provide a really memorable massage your guests will truly thank you for. To get the experts you need, search for reputed massage spas near you that offer services to arrange massage parties. They will be able to bring the required equipment to the venue itself and set it up for you so that everyone has fun and simultaneously benefits from a great massage. Though there are a number of massage styles you could try, Thai massage is one that will appeal to everyone because of its many health and relaxation benefits.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Your heart to your lover on the Valentine's time

Dear Reader,

It is important to love but to be loved is more important.

Valentine's Day is coming and a lot of people in the world are expecting aloving experience from their spouse. Let’s make it intentional and fun with your sweetie and be healthy along  with that relationship of love in your life.
Many people are trying to find a special way to celebrate Valentine's day to impress their lover. There are plenty of other things to show your love and make your love smile.

Sending your sweetie a sweet text, flower or chocolate, jewelry, vacations...but most of surprise gift to her/him is book a  ROMANTIC COUPLE’S MASSAGE so two of you can share and enjoy the moment ofrelaxing together. And it makes sense that after your special time togetheryour lover can feel the love from you to her/his heart.

The massage is received with clients undressed but properly draped on a comfortable table. You can desire and choose many different tropical essential oil like jasmine, rose, lily, lotus, plumeria( Frangipani) to blend with organic coconut oil or avocado oil or lotion... will be soothing, calming and peaceful to your mind.
The skilled massage therapists deliver magic hands giving smooth massage along your back from your shoulders to your feet  to sweep off the stress and tiredness from a long week of hard working.
Both of you will have good and unique experience of BEST MASSAGE. There are elements of Swedish massage, Thai massage, Indian and Ayurvedic therapy combined to bring you the most enjoy and benefits.

The BEST QUALITY massage will have a good effect on circulation and lymphatic system, stimulate relaxation whole body muscles, tendons.The massage gift you are giving to your lover also delivers the message " I LOVE YOU' from you to her/his heart. You are both benefiting to be happy and healthy.

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BOULDER NUAD THAI SPA offers ROMANTIC COUPLE’S MASSAGE with special deal of 15% discount on Couple’s massage. This applieson VALENTINES time in February 2018.

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The time is limited. Now is your chance to show your love to your partner. Book a ROMANTIC COUPLE'S MASSAGE.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Have You Had A Tok-Sen Massage?

Massage is not a one-size-fits-all type of therapy. There are different massage styles to suit a variety of medical and physical needs. Among the various systems, Thai massage offers a wide range of massage therapies to treat a variety of conditions. That is why it is one of the most popular forms of massage in the world.  While some of the options are well known, others are less so. That does not mean that they are not as effective of providing treatment and effective relief from specific physical problems. One of the lesser known, but highly effective ones, is Tok-Sen massage.

What Is Tok-Sen?

Tok-Sen massage has its roots in the Chiang Mai region of northern Thailand. It has been in use for over 500 years by wives to help their husbands relax and unwind after a hard day’s work in the fields. It is done by asking the husbands to lie on a flat wooden table and tapping along the body with wooden sticks, hammers and spoons of different shapes and dimensions. Traditionally, the instruments are made from the wood of a tamarind tree that has been hit by lightning. The belief is that the lightning bolt gives the wood the ability to remove negative energy from the body. It does not matter if the person receiving the massage believes this or not – the effectiveness of the therapy remains the same.

The Effect onthe Mind and Body

The tapping is done firmly but gently on specific parts of the body. The rhythm of the tapping on the body enables the mind to relax and enter a meditative state which the recipient may not even be aware of. This relaxed state is in itself very beneficial and it also helps the body to become freer and less tense which in turn makes the physical benefits of the massage even greater.

Modern Tok-Sen massage uses herbal medicine balls to increase the beneficial effects of the therapy. The medicine balls are heated in a steamer and applied on the skin along the contours of the muscles. The herbs permeate the skin and work to relieve sprains, stiffness and strained tendons and muscles. The hammers and other instruments are used to tap the energy lines and key parts of the body to release blocked energy that results in tiredness, numbness, lethargy and soreness.  The rhythm of the instruments creates a resonance that moves through the muscles and the rest of the body and works to dislodge deep-seated tension. These negative influences on the body are often caused by physical conditions such as rheumatism, bad posture or general stress and exhaustion.

The Benefits

Tok-Sen massage offers not just relaxation and tension relief. It also has a number of specific benefits including:

·         Improved blood circulation.

·         The release of blocked energy.

·         Pain relief.

·         Easing of pinched nerves, sore tendons and numbness.

Tok-Sen is a very specialized form of massage that offers amazing benefits. That means that it should only be done by a trained and qualified massage therapist who understands the technique and who will benefit from it. Those who have tried a herbal Tok-Sen massage usually make it a part of their regular massage and wellbeing routine.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Winter benefits
Oct 30 - Feb 28
Winter time, use Thai herbal massage is incredible way to warm up your self, relax and healthy immune system.
Book a session and enjoy the marvelous massage at Boulder Nuad Thai. We have Boulder location & Longmont also now are available and convenient for you.
Come and check it out the unique place of quality massage Thai healing art.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Benefits of Chavutti Massage

Chavutti is an Indian form of massage that has been used for over two thousand years. It has become increasingly popular all over Europe for the benefits it offers. Chavutti means “foot pressure” in the Indian language of Malayalam and is also known as the “rope and foot massage.” It has its origins in the Kalari martial arts of Kerala state in India. This is thought by many to be the source of all other forms of martial arts. It was originally used by the practitioners of this form of martial arts as a way to stay fit and flexible. The aim of the therapy is to restore overall balance of the body.

How It Is Done

In Chavutti massage, it is the feet that apply pressure, not the hands. The therapist holds on the rope that hangs down for support so that the feet are able to move over the client’s body in long sweeping movements using controlled pressure. Precise execution of the movements with the application of specific amounts of pressure to different parts of the body is the key to this type of massage. In some cases, special oils are used to enhance the benefits of the therapy. Although it may sound uncomfortable to have the therapist’s feet apply pressure on the body, it is not and feels natural and relaxed almost immediately. The legs and feet have more strength than the arms and hands and the special training that Chavutti massage therapists undergo enables them to use the advantages to the maximum to deliver a massage that is very different from other types of massage therapy. The massage is done with the client lying on the floor, on a comfortable mat.

The Benefits

The focus of Chavutti massage is to increase flexibility of the body and to release tension and stress. When done correctly, the therapy strengthens the muscles, causes the hips and thoracic area to open and release accumulated stress and stimulates the energy channels of the metabolism. The combination of the release of muscle tension, the stimulation of the metabolism and the relieving of mental stress all come together to make Chavutti massage a truly unique experience that enhances the feeling of well being that in turn has a positive impact tom the quality of life.

This Is a Specialized Massage

This is every specialized form of massage and is far removed from the widespread practice of standing on a person’s back to stretch it and relieve stress. It can be very beneficial to the overall well being in a number of ways and most people who try and make it a regular part of their health routine. To get the maximum benefits from it and avoid the possibilities of any injury caused by well-meaning amateur efforts, it is important that the massage be done only by a qualified and licensed massage therapist with experience in this type of treatment. Going to a spa which has this service and does it in a hygienic and soothing environment will ensure that the results are the best.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Dangers of Amateur Massage

Massage involves the application of force and pressure to specific parts of the body to relieve tension and stress,promote relaxation and help in recovering from injuries. A professional massage therapist will know exactly how much force to apply, in what way and for how long so as to maximize the benefits of the massage. However, if the pressure is not applied in the right way to the right places, not only will the massage be unsatisfactory, it could also be hazardous, starting from short term pain to more serious long term injuries. That is why any form of amateur massage can be dangerous. Even if you have had massages from a friend or partner before, on a specific day your body may be more susceptible to injury which neither you or the person giving the massage may be aware of. Or pressure may be accidentally placed on a part of the body that professional therapists avoid because they know the harm that can be caused. There are some parts of the body that experts avoid.

Where ‘Not To’ Massage

There are parts of the body that should not be massaged by a non-professional because of the injury that could be caused. Professional therapists may apply pressure because they know how much to use to be beneficial.

  •     The front of the throat.
  •     The eyes.
  •      A woman’s breasts. This does not apply to men, especially athletes who may need to pave  their pectoral muscles massaged.
  •     The spine – excessive direct pressure on the spinal cord must be avoided.
  •    The tailbone.
  •    The middle of the buttocks (the “butt crack” if slang may be used).
  •    The temples – this is a common area to massage for stress relief, but excessive pressure can    lead to headaches or worse.
  •    The armpits.
  •   The front of the elbows. This is where major blood vessels are located and unwanted pressure here can be counterproductive.
  •   The back of the knees for the above said reason.
  •    The ankles of pregnant women. Excessive pressure here is known to cause premature labor.

Massage Is Safe

All that has been mentioned here should not put you off from a massage experience. It is a great way to relax and unwind and a wonderful stress and tension buster. The therapeutic benefits of massage are recognized by medical professionals across the globe. The right way to experience the benefits of a massage is to go to a spa and have it done by a licensed therapist who will give you the massage you want and which is right for you while ensuring that no pain or injury is caused. That is why regular visits to a spa are becoming an increasing part of people’s lives.

If you drove a Ferrari or Rolls Royce you would not take it to a hole-in-the-wall mechanic for service or a tune up. You would take it to a specialist. Your body is more sophisticated and complex than any car ever made. Massage is a way of caring for it and tuning it up. Take it to a specialist.

Monday, August 28, 2017

How to Evaluate a Massage Therapist

So you enjoyed your massage and felt good– that’s great. But was it as good as it could, or should, have been? How do you evaluate the quality of a massage? Could you be feeling better and more relaxed? Was the relief from aches and pains as much as it should have been? The feeling after a massage is subjective and it cannot be evaluated on a 1 to 10 scale – every person is different and the results will vary. However, there are some key factors that you can evaluate to find out how good your massage has been.

  • The massage room: Was the room or cubicle clean? Were the sheets, pillows towels etc. spotless? If not, there could be hygiene issues that could lead to rashes and infections developing later on. If music and scents were a part of the therapy, were they to your liking? If not, the overall effect of the massage could be reduced.
  • The therapist’s ability: Not being an expert yourself, evaluating the ability of the therapist is not easy. Often the pain or discomfort you feel may be an essential part of the process and without it, the massage will not be effective. If you do feel any discomfort, tell the therapist about it. If she is able to explain the reasons for it and the benefits for you in a way that you understand, then it’s okay. If not, there could be a communications gap, or, worst case, the therapist may not be up to the mark. In such a case, it would be a good idea to try a different therapist for your next massage and if the feeling of unease persists, perhaps you should look for another spa.
  • Massage Options: If you get massages regularly, the therapist will understand what your body needs and give you a massage accordingly. However, at times you may be suffering from unusual stress and strain or may have aches or injuries that need special attention. Does the spa have a full range of massage options so that you can get the special therapy you require when you need it?
  •  The Equipment: Some types of massage are done on a mat placed on the floor. Others require a special massage table or massage chair to be used. Do not hesitate to ask why a certain type of equipment is being used and what the benefits of it are. If you do not get a clear answer, it could be that the spa does not have all the equipment it needs to offer the type of massage that is best for you.
  • Feedback: Is the therapist willing to discuss your massage experience with you and answer all your questions about it? If you have suggestions on how the experience could be improved, are you listened to? Of course, there may be specific reasons why the massage was done in a specific way that only an expert therapist will know. But if your suggestions are not viable, you should be told why.

The bottom line is how good you feel after the massage. But there is no harm in finding out if the experience could be better. The easiest way to be sure of having the best possible massage experience is to visit a professional spa with qualified expert therapists who will understand your massage needs and ensure that your experience is as good as it can be and that the benefits you derive from it are maximized.